Fresh Curd

Once you’ve made your own fresh mozzarella from our curd, you’ll understand why nothing compares. Polly-O Curd is made using Grade-A cow’s milk so you can add a fresh, handmade quality to your menu. You might notice it’s exceptionally creamy, and that’s because we add pasteurized milk fat to help keep it soft in both raw and application form. Craft it into any shape or size you want, and use it as a cost-effective solution for large quantities. More than a century of cheese making experience goes into Polly-O Curd, and some of the finest mozzarella comes out of it.
Fresh Curd
Whole Milk Curd ⓊD, 10 lb.
UPC: 7104001010 Pack Size: 2/10 lb.
Whole Milk Curd ⓊD, 21 lb.
UPC: 7104001002 Pack Size: 2/21 lb.