Fresh Mozzarella

Premium Polly-O Fior di Latte (“Milk of the flower” in Italian) is renowned for its consistently moist, delicate texture, creamy-fresh taste and stretch when melted. It’s a perfect way to add a premium perception to prepared dishes and is available in convenient portion control sizes. We don’t add salt to the brine, which allows chefs to have full control over the finished flavor of their dish. All of our fresh mozzarella products are OU Kosher Certified, free of all artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.
Logs & Balls
Pearl Size ⓊD, 5 oz.
UPC: 089244910139 Pack Size: 10/5 oz.
Ball ⓊD, 8 oz.
UPC: 08244910115 Pack Size: 8/8 oz.
Log ⓊD, 16 oz.
UPC: 08922910009 Pack Size: 8/1 lb.
Sliced Log ⓊD, 8 oz.
UPC: 089244910041 Pack Size: 10/8 oz.
Ciliegine/Cherry (0.33 oz. ball) ⓊD, 3 lb. Tub
UPC: 7104006935 Pack Size: 2/3 lb.
Bocconcino/Bite (1.5 oz.) ⓊD, 3lb. Tub
UPC: 7104006936 Pack Size: 2/3 lb.
Ovoline/Egg (4 oz.) ⓊD, 3lb. Tub
UPC: 7104006937 Pack Size: 2/3 lb.
Fresh Mozzarella (16 oz. ball) ⓊD, 3 lb. Tub
UPC: 7104076904 Pack Size: 2/3 lb.